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Invelitori Case IT Vacancies Head of Product Roles and Responsibilities: A Maturity-Based Perspective by Aidin Ziapour Product Factory

Head of Product Roles and Responsibilities: A Maturity-Based Perspective by Aidin Ziapour Product Factory

A Chief Product Officer is one who improves the product experience in this changing world. The Chief Product Officer makes sure products are aligned to various stakeholders. The candidate needs to be technically literate to ensure the product fits in.

  • They also bring many years of high-ranking experience within product management to their role, as well as excellent communication, leadership, and analytical skills.
  • A product manager collaborates closely with engineers, designers, and the marketing team to deliver a solution that meets customer needs.
  • For newer product managers, this means mentoring and teaching them what you know.
  • There are many crossovers and nuances between the roles and every company sets the responsibilities slightly differently – so what a Director of Product does at one company might be very similar to what a VP of Product does at another.
  • We have covered a broad range of the roles that you might find in product organizations here, with a particular focus on those pertaining to the PM world.
  • As the head of product, marketing skills are vital since you need to communicate the value of your products.

You want to build a culture of experimentation and risk-taking to encourage innovation and creativity. This means that you need to start by getting the right people for your team. During the hiring process, you need to be looking to hire inclusively to bring in a range of perspectives and ideas. As of February 2023, Payscale lists the median wage for artificial intelligence product managers as US $150,746, with a range of around US $123,000 to US $177,000.


Many employers are looking for at least 5-7 years of experience in product management. They will also want to know that a candidate has successfully participated in developing and launching great products. So it’s important for prospective head of product employees to build a strong portfolio with multiple examples of products. As the head of your product team, you will enjoy a vantage point no individual product manager has. You’ll see the bigger picture, for example, in terms of company resources available across all products. You’ll also have a unique insight into where some skills and development work on one suite of products might benefit another.

head of product responsibilities

I might put the bar quite high, but recommend at least three to five years’ experience before becoming a head of product and being able to successfully lead a product management team. A group of product people will find it hard to work together if roles and responsibilities are not clear. What’s more, it will be difficult for you as the head of product to offer effective feedback and help the individuals develop and grow if it is not clear what’s expected of them.

WEBSIMA: Running Design Sprint to Rebuild the Enterprise Value Stream

A Junior Product Manager may be assigned to work on a small feature or minor area of a product’s overall development, though they’ll still receive leadership from a senior product manager. A Product Head also ensures that the product visions align with the overall organizational strategies and goals, that is, increased sales, improved firm reputation, and better quality, among other things. In larger companies, the head of product may be beneath the director of product management or even the VP of product. Smaller companies may not have those roles which would make the head of product the top product management role.

They act as the client’s voice and collaborate with stakeholders to keep them updated on progress (and share stakeholders’ expectations/concerns with the development team). But just because a Junior Product Manager is product management on a smaller scale doesn’t mean it’s easy to work. They still need to bring ideas to the table and offer valuable input whenever the opportunity arises. You should use this unique view to coordinate tasks, resources, and deadlines to help the company achieve its business goals. Product managers often find themselves distracted by requests and demands from many sources. This is more likely when the team doesn’t have a clear set of strategic goals and objectives to guide them.

My Role as Head of Product

The position also requires that the occupier be adept at synthesizing various technologies and capabilities into the business’s products in such a way that the consumers will love. As you may have predicted, the role of the Head of Product Management is inherently cross-functional. This position requires that a person closely work with the engineering, design, marketing, sales, and other departments. If you have several roles in product management, the definitions can be more specific. Have a look at our other example job descriptions for product management and feel free to use them in compliance with the given license.

It includes communicating company goals clearly, improving vision, outcome, and ensuring timely delivery of deliverables. A CPO is one who coordinates various departments to improve product creation. The next responsibility is to create a product strategy and a detailed roadmap to fulfil and meet various KPIs. Factors such as features, business climate, customer needs, and competition need to be considered while creating a strategy. The goal is to connect technology with go-to-market channels and speed product performance.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of Product Management

Davuluri, a 20-year Microsoft veteran, is a vice president in Windows and Device engineering and has led silicon and systems integration. Mehdi has been at Microsoft for more than 30 years and first came to prominence as the head of marketing campaigns for Internet Explorer in the 1990s. More recently, Microsoft has scaled back the Surface operation, axing personnel and cutting slow-selling products.

A Product Manager in a past life, Monica now enjoys helping product teams to improve their ways of working and best practices as well as supporting companies on their journey to becoming more product-led. When not writing or product coaching, Monica enjoys travelling (when there’s not a pandemic happening!), arts and crafts and baking cakes. As with any bigger career step, it’s helpful to develop a realistic outlook of when you will be ready to apply for a head of product position. Then identify and prioritise any bigger shortcomings that you need to address, and determine the right learning and development measures.

The Head of Product Role

You will lead the team into projects, and you will be the one responsible for energizing them and facilitating ideas. If you have strong leadership skills that can inspire teams — even during tough sprints — you are guaranteed to have a great product team behind you. The Product Director must have a strong background in product management and understand the product job responsibilities of those across the development team. They’ll attend meetings on a regular basis, interacting with those from inside and outside the company.

head of product responsibilities

A Product Owner essentially represents the end-user and ensures their needs are met. They should serve as an ambassador for products in an external and internal capacity, too, while being the main contact for major product-related queries. Basically, a Product Owner takes responsibility for establishing, prioritizing, and overseeing the work performed by the team to ensure the final product achieves its potential. In the US, a Junior Product Manager’s base salary is typically around $37,000, though it may be significantly higher depending on the scale of the tech company. They may be expected to prioritize tasks and collaborate with team members at different levels. It’s an entry-level role usually filled by graduates with some experience or those with a beneficial background in other industries.

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